Wednesday 3 June 2009

Ride to school

Ride to school image

On horseback was just one of the unusual ways children in Ferring arrived at school last week.
Youngsters at Ferring Primary in Sea Lane took part in "walk to school week", aimed at
encouraging them not to rely on cars to get them to school.

Pupils Tanisha Law and Georgia Cochran really used their imaginations, arriving on horses
Barney and Domino.

Gill Silk, the head teacher, said: "Throughout the year, the school's environmentally friendly
culture encourages children to get to school under their own steam instead of being delivered by
car, and they regularly use bikes, scooters, roller skates, roller blades and so on, as well as
relying on good old walking".
"But, West Sussex County Council's walk to school week provides a particular focus and
exercises the children’s imagination on some more unusual ways of travelling to and from

Another aspect of the week was road safety, with activities including a road safety quiz and a
special road safety assembly.

Reproduced from the Worthing Herald -

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