Sunday 10 May 2009

Classical versus modern dressage

..and the damage "incorrect schooling" does to our horses. Watched a video on Friday by German vet, Gerd Heuschmann. He's written a book, Tug of War, which is about the damage some of us unintentionally do to our horses by the way we school them. To cut a long and complicated story short, modern dressage schooling methods may be damaging our horses health by forcing them to go in an outline before their skeletomuscular development is able to cope. Also Grand Prix dressage marks are being awarded for spectacular trots etc rather than good pacing, to the detriment of the horses and the discipline of dressage in general. Watch the video, buy or borrow the book but please find out more for the sake of your horse.

Link to Gerd Heuschmann's site

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